The Earth Prize FAQS

The Earth Prize - Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQs
FAQs for Students
FAQs for Teachers

Is it free to sign up for The Earth Prize?

How many students can there be on a team?

Are students from different grades allowed to participate in the same team?

Are students from different schools allowed to participate in the same team?

Can one student be a part of multiple teams?

Can a student participate in The Earth Prize if they are 19 years of age currently and turn 20 next year?

Can a university student participate?

What is The Earth Prize online learning content and how can a student or teacher access it?

Are there consequences for dropping out of The Earth Prize?

Can a team be disqualified?

Can a parent serve as team Supervisor?

Who are The Earth Prize Mentors?

How will the students and Mentors interact?

Can a team submit multiple projects?

Can the same student/team participate more than once?

Are students required to implement their projects?

Where and when will The Earth Prize Ceremony take place?


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